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What Football Trophies Should I Get For My League

This article looks at some of the fun ways you can show your team mates some appreciation at sports presentations. It provides some good and fun ideas on football trophies that you can give to the special members of your team.

It is a dream of many to lift prestigious football trophies above their heads after a sporting competition; however, this will not happen for everyone. That said, every level of footballer enjoys winning something, even if it’s just a bit of silly fun. Regardless of whether your prize giving is held in a field or in a posh club it should be a fun affair and not taken too seriously. Here, we’ve come up with a few ideas for some fun football trophies.

The Player of the Year

This will be for the member of the team who has stood out throughout the year with regards to efforts, skill and general play. The one who has put that little bit of extra effort in. This is one of the most common and special football trophies and will usually consist of a marble base and a man or woman on top kicking a football. With a trophy like this you will respected by your team mates as it represents power, skill and achievement. Despite the fact it is not made from solid gold, it is still an important piece of memorabilia and will take an important place on or near your mantelpiece or trophy shelf.

The Dependable One

Every team has its Mr or Mrs dependable. These are the people who are always willing to go the extra mile for the team. Although not one of the most prestigious awards, these people play a vital part in a team and need to be recognised for this. Football trophies such as a life ring or Baywatch style life float could be a fun way to present this award. Why? Well, as the theme tune says: “I’ll be there, forever and always, I’m always here.”

The Class Clown

It is always fun to award the person who has kept the team spirits up ยูฟ่าเบทthroughout the season. This person is the one who will always lift the teams spirits no matter how bad the conditions the score or the other team. Even if you have played the worst match of the season and the other team has thrashed you. For this person the best type of prize would have to be some sort of framed trophy of pop band J.L.S. More importantly though, it would be a truly horrible trophy to receive. Perfect for the jack the lad teammate.

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