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The Chicago Bears – The Most 100 Yard Rushing Games in NFL History

running game. Most coaches will tell you that the running game is a much better thing than the passing game because less can go wrong. There are other advantageous things about a running game too, including the fact that it eats up the clock, wears down a defense, and is generally more reliable.

The best running backs are often judged based on how many 100 yard games they have during a particular season or for their whole career. What franchise has more 100 yard rushing games than any other in the history of the NFL? That honor belongs to one of the most famous teams in the league, the Chicago Bears. The Bears have always seemed to have, along with a great defense, a way better than average running game. This is thanks in large part to some great Chicago Bears players that have been there over the years like Matt Suhey, Willie Gallimore, Gale Sayers, Thomas Jones, Neal Anderson, Brad Muster, Matt Forte, and of course the great Walter Payton.

Here are the top ten franchises in NFL history in terms of how many 100 yard rushing games they have had in their entire history (through the 2009 season).

1. Chicago Bears – 682

2. Pittsburgh ช่องทางเข้า ufabet มือถือ Steelers – 670

3. St. Louis Rams – 644 (tie)

3. San Francisco 49ers – 644 (tie)

5. New York Giants – 629

6. Washington Redskins – 608

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