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Soccer Or Football Has Many Lessons and Tales of the Unexpected and This is Certainly One of Them!

Surely goals are the determining factor in who wins a football or soccer match. That is not necessarily always the case.

England were ‘robbed’ of a second goal against Germany only last week in the World Cup in South Africa and it was said to be the fault of the referee or in this case it would be more accurate to say the linesman.

The ball was three feet over the goal line and no one saw it except the English players and sixty thousand spectators on the big television screens, along with millions watching around the world.

If I had been referee, what would I have done? I would have looked at the massive television screens at each end of the ground and after consulting with my linesmen I would have awarded the goal, even though it was against the rules to be influenced by television replays.

In this situation, it is better to be correct than go by rules which are really no more than guidelines. I would have taken any rap afterwards.

The final result would probably not have been different but at least there would have been a degree of fairness according to what actually happened.

So the English team had to return home the next day.

Bad refereeing has spoiled so many matches. I am not meaning the occasional refereeing mistake. That is bound to happen. There is a massive difference between an error andเว็บบอล ufabet ออนไลน์ plain bad inefficient refereeing, with silly irrelevant rules prohibiting a man from making the correct decision.

At the heart of the history of mankind there is the worst decision ever made and yet it turned out to be one of the best! Men made that illegal decision to crucify Jesus Christ. He was killed on a cross like a criminal, but it was there on that cross that Jesus Christ shed his blood to wash away all our sin and sins and sinfulness to give each of a fresh start should we wish it.

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