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Smart Dust and Virtual Keyboards

Utilizing Smart Dust which is sprinkled onto a stone it perhaps conceivable to type data into a little PC or PDA quickly. This could be very helpful for some things, for example, Search and Rescue, Fire Fighting, Civil Air Patrol, Hikers and Mountain Climbers and obviously military applications. Think briefly the opportunities for Net Centric Warfare for Special Forces Troops. In any case, how precisely can this work?

Why Hot-swappable Is An Essential Feature For Mechanical Keyboard Cust

Indeed, straightforward truly, you track down a level stone and spinkle your miniature electro-mechanical “Shrewd Dust and afterward put on a bunch of glasses which has a little clasp on focal point which has a framework example of a console. Then, at that point, you get your fingers across the virtual console as though composing onto the stone. It is very simple hot swap mechanical keyboard to utilize really in light of the fact that your eyes see maybe it is genuinely on the stone and the glasses you are wearing decipher each tap onto the tension delicate savvy dust as a strike. The information is then placed into a little PC you wear associated with the glasses by a wire. The information is then sent through a hot or protective cap and transferred straightforwardly to the satellite.

The potential outcomes and utilizations are inestimable and totally alter how much correspondence gear the officer, fire jumper, specialist on call or search and save individual need to convey. For those super aficionados with everything, including GPS and Satellite Phones, presently they can send and get email. Those with the most recent wrist watch specialized gadgets shown by Bill Gates at the CES show can utilize the framework without making commotion which could offer their situation with using voice enacted programming. For sure, a tracker, officer or brought down military pilot sitting tight for extraction can send and get messages through satellite in wellbeing. Think on this.

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