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NFL Football: Can Newton – Prospect Or Project?

Let’s explore the question as to whether Cam Newton, the quarterback from Auburn, is a prospect or simply a project.

Sometimes, you know, it’s one in the same.

Certainly Newton is a very deserving winner of the Heisman. He steamrolled his way to 1473 yards rushing, and was also tops in the nation in passing efficiency. In the persistence department he’s very strong as well, having piloted his team to four comebacks after being down ten points. Included in that, of course, was the classic comeback against Alabama, after being down 24-0. That kind of thing just doesn’t happen with “normal” guys. Don’t confuse him with JaMarcus Russell.

When looking at him as a physical specimen, Newton unquestionably has the size to play the quarterback position in the NFL. At 6’6″ and about 240 or 250 pounds, he is a load. In fact, he was bigger than almost all of the defensive players on the Oregon side in the national title game. he has the strength to get away from defenders and extend the play outside the pocket, much in the same way Ben Roethlisberger is able to do.

He doesn’t have quick feet in the way that, say, Michael Vick does, but he becomes especially difficult to deal with when he has worked up a head of steam. People caught on at some point that he had a heck of an arm. Those people who evaluated him when he and Tim Tebow were teammates knew that he had the stronger delivery. There is no question that he has the arm strength to make all the throws necessary.

He knows how to use touch as well, and I have seen him make some throws that required he take something off his fastball. In the BCS title game, he led his team to a win, despite not having his best game, and that, I guess, has to be considered a positive thing. The fact that he didn’t have a great game may be a cause for concern, though. And how that happened deserves to be addressed.

What was particularly alarming about Newton in that title game was that he missed a couple of passes an NFL quarterback just can’t afford to miss. One of them happened on a very short pass near the goal line where he short-armed a receiver on fourth down, and he also missed wide open receivers who had a step or two on their defenders at least a couple of times. You just don’t stay in the NFL if you can’t make those plays.

So he needs to work on his accuracy, which may put him in the “project” category, although ufabet บอลชุด the problem may be that he has to learn on the job. It depends on what team drafts him, obviously. He is a first-rounder, although I don’t think it’s to Carolina with the first pick (geographically that might be ideal). Actually, that could be his teammate, Nick Fairley.

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