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Mothercare Job Vacancies

Mothercare plc (LSE:MTC) was set up in 1961 by Selim Zikha who shrewdly spotted a niche market for the retail of products for mothers-to-be and young children up to about age 8.

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Since then the organisation with its head office in Watford has grown to become one of the UK’s largest companies with a turnover of about £750bn on which it made a profit of £37m (5.1%). It now employs just under 8,000 staff in 230 stores across the UK and at its Hong Kong branch. It also operates 670 franchise stores in 38 other countries.

The company is one of the mainstays of the FTSE 250 index.

Mothercare makes the claim that the majority of the UK’s new mothers will, at one time or another, enter one of its stores and make at least one purchase. To assist them with this goal, Mothercare has a tradition of getting rid of the competition – witness the purchase of The Early Learning Centre for £85m in 2007 and the acquisition of the trademark and brand usage rights for ‘Blooming Marvellous’ in 2010.

Apart from the stores, Mothercare also run Gurgle, a social networking site for expectant mothers and parents.

Over 75% of Mothercare’s staff are part-timers with many of them mothers themselves. The company is very much geared to recruiting staff from its potential clientbase and offers extra Maternity Leave as an incentive (10 weeks full pay, 29 weeks Statutory Pay and 13 weeks unpaid).

Some staff are even allowed to work from home with remote access to the office computer network possible from a home PC.

Other perks include a private health insurance with cash incentives to stay in good condition, and free life assurance. There are also a variety of expressions of company gratitude such as bonds, flowers, champagne, extra holiday for long service, hotel vouchers, dinners, corporate lunches etc. The senior management team contact deserving employees with 마사지구인구직 ‘thank you letters’, phone calls or make congratulatory visits to them in person.

Head Office staff are provided with flu jabs, massages and even beauty treatments.

All staff receive a company discount of 20% on Mothercare and Early Learning Centre products and anyone who introduces a friend to the ranks of Mothercare employees earns a commission

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