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Maximizing Air Quality in Your House

Who has not heard this phrase before: Air pollution is everywhere? World leaders and different environmental groups all over the globe have spoken about this. It is a problem that is very much felt, seen and smelled whenever you step outside. But did you know that even your house is not really safe and completely free from air pollution? This is because indoor air pollution exists. Hence, the phrase air pollution is everywhere.

There are various sources of indoor air pollution. The most common causes are defective gas stoves, pesticides, fuels, decaying elements, solvents and other similar elements. Can this be reduced or prevented? Yes, it can be reduced and prevented! Read on more about how to maximize air quality in your homes below.

Air filtration is important for weeding out indoor air pollutants and maximizing indoor air quality. There are a few ways to do this, most often through the simple one inch air filters placed in the return ducts. Others use single room air cleaners or ionizers that are plug into an outlet and claims to clean the air of smoke and odors. A more viable option is “whole home air filtration” that involves installation of a larger, high-efficiency air filter at the furnace, maximizing air quality throughout the entire house at a low cost and usually needs to be replaced annually. Since it also does not emit ozone, it is a greener choice for improving indoor air quality.

Fresh air ventilators draw, filter and regulate outside air temperature. It also provides a constant source of clean, fresh air without the expensive cost. This is recommended to use since a lot of houses have become more energy efficient. A more energy efficient household becomes better sealed; preventing heated and cooled air from escaping. Natural ventilation from an open window invites pollutants into the house.

Air flow meters are devices that measure the amount of air flowing binnenmilieu through a tube. Extremely poor heating and air conditioning equipment performance and increased energy consumption are caused when there is inadequate air flow. It can also lead to improper humidity levels. All these add up to an uncomfortable home and a serious drain in your wallet.

Humidity control is also important because severe respiratory illnesses, allergies, immune system

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