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Arena Football League Star Michael Bangel

Michael Bangel has long been known as one of the best professional football players not wearing an NFL uniform. Through his 4 year career Michael has been known to not only deliver the big hits as a defensive back, but he also is an explosive kick returner and sure handed receiver. He is certainly a player that NFL scouts are on the lookout for and has been on their radar for a long time now. His professional experience has taken his from Japan to Panama and Spain and everywhere in between it seems. I had the chance to sit down with Michael in between one of his training sessions outside of Philadelphia and ask him a couple of questions about his upcoming arena season.

Having played in Japan and seeing the culture of their athletes, what will you take from that experience and bring with you to the Arena game?

“Playing in Japan was an amazing experience. Being in front of all of those fans reminded me of home. Japanese players take the game very seriously and play it with a lot of passion and respect. I learned to value the game and appreciate it. The fans over there are crazy about football and they really treat you like a hero. It’s great to see how other countries and cultures approach the game. It really humbles you and makes you respect and love it even more.”

How did playing overseas change your view on being a professional athlete?

“I learned to take my job and my body very seriously; overseas there is a lot of pressure because as a professional you are expected to perform every single play. I live for that pressure so for me it was very natural. I feel like I am one of the best defensive backs in the world and getting the opportunity to show it is a blessing. Once you get on the field though no matter where you are it’s still football. Off the field it’s a matter of staying humble and continuing to work hard and stay away from the distractions.”

It’s no secret that many teams, given your background with the ทางเข้า ufabetindoor game and with other leagues, wanted to sign this off-season. What were a few key factors that help you make your decision?

“At this point in my career I am looking for an organization that is willing to do what it takes to win a championship. Coaching is a big part of any decision and I am on the same page with the coach is very important to me.”

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