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3 Tips to Stretch Your Corporate Gift Budget

Corporate gifts can become quite costly if you aren’t careful. You may start out with a tight budget and find yourself searching for ways to divert more cash into the fund because the items that you would like to purchase are much higher in price than you ever expected them to be. While you cannot expect prices on corporate gifts to drop at anytime in the near future, there are ways to stretch your dollar so the budget goes much further.

#1: Give different gifts to different ranks of recipients.

You should have a variety of corporate gifts available at all times. This is often seen as more expensive since you typically get the best deals when corporate gifts are purchased in bulk. You have to think into the long term to see how this tip plays out.

When you purchase a large order of expensive gifts it doesn’t leave a lot left over in the budget. Unfortunately, if you give those expensive gifts out to everyone you come across, the supply is going to wear down very fast. You will end up purchasing more of those expensive gifts to make sure you have some available for the really big clients you want to impress.

A more affordable alternative is to order cheaper corporate gifts in large orders and smaller supplies of more expensive gifts. This may be a bit more expensive at the outset, but in time you will find yourself having to order less of the more expensive gift options. You can save those for the big clients or others you really want to impress while others who aren’t as important are given the lower priced gifts that are easier to restock.

#2: Find lower priced versions of high priced gifts which use different materials.

If you find a really nice corporate gift that you would love to give out bu corporate gifts singapore t find the price tag too high, don’t mark it off as something out of reach. Rather, shop around and find other models of similar gifts that are created from different materials. You can often find something very similar through a different retailer.
The difference is often the quality of materials used, but if it comes down to a lower quality product that is affordable or not having an item at all, the sacrifice may be worth making.

#3: Shop with corporate gift services that cater to your budget range.

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